It’s time to business in Chengdu, isn’t it?

发表时间:2018-11-06 17:22

At the Second Plenary Session of Thirteenth of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China held in December 2017, the General Urban Planning of Chengdu (2016–2035) was reviewed and approved. At the session, the municipal government also put forward the strategic goal of three-step development of Chengdu in the new era.By 2020, a moderately prosperous society will have been built in all aspects with high standard. Meanwhile, a national central city that embodies in all dimensions a new philosophy of development will be basically established. By 2035,with the acceleration of the construction of a livable garden city, an international hub city that is influential in Pan-Eurasian region will have been constructed. By the middle of this century, under the guidance of the full-scale construction of a modernized Land of Abundance, Chengdu will become a sustainable metropolis.