Air transportation in Chengdu!

发表时间:2018-11-06 17:30

Chengdu is the largest air transportation hub in the inland of China. Chengdu has established an air transportation system with numerous international direct flights, fully covering the China, and the dual air transportation nodes marked by one city.The Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is the first airport that has two runways and two terminals in central and western China. In 2017, the passenger flow surpassed 49.8 million, ranking first among cities in central and western China, the fourth across the whole nation and one of the t op 50 busiest airports around the world. The Tianfu International Airport (under construction) is planned to have six runways to satisfy the annual passenger flow of 90 million and cargo throughput of 2 million metric tonnes in the long run.The first phase project is expected to be completed and finished in 2019 and be put into operation in 2020 with full efforts devoted. At that time, Chengdu will become one of the three cities with two airports in China. with two airports.