The 2nd"Asia-Chengdu-Europe"Global Partners Conference was held in Chengdu on Jan 15

发表时间:2020-01-21 14:48

On the afternoon of January 15th, the second "Asia-Europe" Global Partner Conference with the theme of "Silk Road Asia-Europe · Global Cooperation" was held in Chengdu. Over 300 guests from 16 countries, including representatives of provincial, municipal, and district government departments, logistics experts, and leaders of logistics enterprises, gathered from the consulates of Sichuan, Chongqing, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Together, we discussed and shared the new opportunities for development and cooperation brought by the Chengdu international train.


In recent years, under the “Belt and Road” initiative, the China-Europe Railway (Chengdu) has opened more than 4,600 banks, driving import and export trade to over 20 billion U.S. dollars, of which more than 60% of the supply comes from Sichuan Province, which has effectively boosted foreign trade in the western region development of.

Liu Wendao, deputy secretary of the Qingbaijiang District Party Committee of the CPC in Chengdu and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Qingbaijiang District International Railway Port of Chengdu, said that the national “Belt and Road” initiative, the western development strategy, and the construction of new land and sea corridors have given Chengdu an unprecedented historical mission. And heavy responsibility. We will speed up the construction of a “land-sea transport hub and open up the highlands” to form a new model of regional development of “two alliances and one base”, which will serve Chengdu to accelerate the construction of an international gateway hub for Pan-Europe and Pan-Asia, and promote the construction of a “buy global New global trade pattern.


Strengthen the function of the hub and build the "Asia-Europe" international corridor

As the first batch of national land-port logistics hubs, Chengdu supports the organic connection between the “Belt” and “One Road” and supports the integrated development of the European and ASEAN trade international transport corridors.

At present, the Chengdu international train has quickly become the nation's most stable international route for the "Asia-Europe" economic and trade logistics with the most stable operation, shortest operating time, and highest operating frequency. It connects 26 cities overseas and 15 cities within the country with high-quality Trading partners serve as carriers, carry out diversified foreign cooperation, and jointly build logistics, trade, finance, industry and other transport and trade integration service platforms, and become an important force to promote the integration and development of the European and ASEAN trade international transport corridors.

In order to build Chengdu as a hub and reach the global international train corridor system, Chengdu International Railway Port issued an invitation to the global multimodal transport participating institutions to build a "Asia-Europe-Europe" large-channel cooperation, in conjunction with Deutsche Bahn, Russian Railway Logistics, Belarus Railway, Vietnam Railway, China-Laos Railway, Serbia Railway, Qinzhou Port, Chengdu Customs, Nanning Customs, etc., are the first to discuss the cooperation between China-Europe Railway and China-Laos Railway in the country, and continue to deepen international transport cooperation across the Caspian Sea to create a "Asian Europe" New train routes radiating from the Central-South Peninsula, connecting Central Asia, and connecting to the hinterland of Europe. At the same time, we will work with the railway, customs and other departments to study the improvement of transport timeliness and customs clearance innovation models.


Innovate the operation mode and form the “Belt and Road”industrialpark alliance

In order to implement the strategic deployment of building a “Belt and Road” supply chain hub city and continue to build a modern, globalized, and intelligent supply chain system, Chengdu is accelerating the building of an international supply chain agglomeration.

At the conference, the establishment ceremony of the “Belt and Road” Industrial Park Alliance was held. It is understood that the “Belt and Road” industrial park alliance consists of the Chengdu International Railway Port and the China-Belarus Industrial Park, the Zhonglao Momo-Moding Economic Development Zone, the Lodz Industrial Park, the Thai Industrial Park, Brest City, and Dongjiang, Tianjin. The bonded port area and the China-Malaysia Industrial Park participated in the formation. Each member of the alliance will give full play to the industrial advantages of parks in various countries, and use the Asian-European Channel to connect the upstream and downstream links of the supply chain to jointly promote the transformation of the channel economy into an industrial economy.

In recent years, Chengdu International Railway Port has actively integrated into the construction of the global supply chain system, launched a new model of international industrial park alliance cooperation, and promoted the innovative development of industrial clusters along the “Belt and Road” countries.


Strengthen regional cooperation and jointly build the “Yarong Europe” industrial base in Sichuan

Chengdu is an important node of the “Belt and Road” and a key hub of the new land, sea and sea corridor in the west. It is actively participating in the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing two-city economic circle and leading a new round of western development and opening up. Driven by Chengdu international trains, the gathering effect of Chengdu International Railway Port is becoming increasingly apparent.

In order to promote the implementation of the development strategy of “one trunk, multiple branches and five districts”, strengthen the “backbone” function, and give full play to the leading role of radiation, Chengdu International Railway Port is focusing on serving the national strategy, driving regional development, and participating in global cooperation. Mainland cities and prefectures will accelerate their ability to gather and integrate high-end international and domestic high-end strategic resources. Promoted by the Chengdu International Railway Port, the provincial government actively supports the construction of the "Asia-Europe" industrial base in Sichuan, inviting Neijiang, Zigong, Mianyang, Deyang, Meishan, Xichang, Dazhou, Chenzhou, Yibin, Nanchong, Guangyuan, Yaan In other cities and prefectures, by creating a regional development community with complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, we will actively respond to the construction of the dual-city economic circle in Chengdu and Chongqing, share the development bonus of the “Asia-Europe” channel, drive Sichuan goods to the world, and attract export-oriented industries Landing.

Against the background of the continuous development of the “Belt and Road” and the deepening of economic globalization, this “Asian Europe” Global Partner Conference was held with the purpose of focusing on the “Belt and Road” industry development and further building the “Asian Europe” global Cooperate with new clusters, explore new development opportunities brought by Chengdu international trains, explore new models for the construction of “Belt and Road” logistics channels and cross-border logistics cooperation, and increase the circle of friends participating in the construction of “Belt and Road”. More and more partners.

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